How I passed: Cisco Certified CyberOps Associate (formerly CCNA CyberOps)

Today, I’m reviewing the Cisco Certified CCNA Cyber Ops Associate exam, an introductory exam designed to validate the day-to-day tactical knowledge and skills Security Operations Center (SOC) teams need to detect and respond to cyber security threats. . The exam covers knowledge and skills in security concepts, security monitoring, host-based analysis, network intrusion analysis, and security policies and procedures to help teach the fundamentals of incident and incident prevention, detection, and response.

Exam Information

The equivalent CyberOps Associate exam is Understanding Cisco Cybersecurity Operations Fundamentals (CBROPS 200-201), which is taken at one of Pearson VUE’s global testing centers (and temporarily online due to the COVID-19 pandemic). The exam itself costs $300 without additional study materials, which can cost up to $800 for an official Cisco course.

825/1000 or about 82.5% for the exam. However, not all questions are weighted equally and scores for each exam section are not cumulative, so take this with caution. I got 887/1000 on the first successful exam, I studied continuously between, 2022, while working full time. The CyberOps Dumps Associate exam is one of the few Cisco exams that does not use simulation questions, so I had 100 multiple choice questions and 120 minutes to complete the exam. I finished in about 45 minutes.

The exam contains five domains, each included below with their weights and how I scored on them:

  • 20% Security Concepts — I scored 80%
  • 25% Security Monitoring — I scored 88%
  • 20% Host-Based Analysis — I scored 80%
  • 20% Network Intrusion Analysis — I scored 90%
  • 15% Security Policies and Procedures — I scored 67%

The Pearson VUE Testing Center

Test centers vary greatly in terms of comfort and noise. I tested it in secluded rooms with little noise, in rooms with open glass windows that don’t block noise from a nearby business, and once in a dimly lit room with a noisy air conditioning system. I highly recommend checking the reviews of the place you want to try to make sure they meet these standards, as I found one that didn’t.

For me, it is usually in the morning, but the time also depends on availability. There may only be one option to make an appointment (like 8:00am), especially if you wait until the last minute to make an appointment. However, you can reschedule the test as many times as you want up to 24 hours before the interview date, so it’s best to take it sooner rather than later and retake it if you feel unprepared.

2 types of ID are required (with main name, photo and signature and other name and photo or name and signature). The system will ask you to sign the applicant agreement, verify your signature and take a photo, and then you will initialize a login/logout form.

Pearson provides legal-sized thin dry-erase paper, fine-point markers and earplugs for each test (do not initial the form until you receive them if you wish to use any of these, as this confirms they have been given to you). Finally, you must lock all personal items in a box or locker before entering the secure testing room.

You must also agree to the terms

The computer-based exam before you begin. Whether they are or not, you will receive a printed score report and a digitally embossed code that will allow you to check your score online before you leave. You cannot leave the test center without receiving this form as it is an official confirmation of the test. As long as you have achieved Cisco CCNA Cyber Ops minimum competency score or higher, you will pass. The passport is a certificate and only this fact appears on the certificate. Your score will not appear on your certificate.

Understanding Cisco Cybersecurity Fundamentals (CBROPS 200–201) Exam Objectives (Free)

This should go without saying, but the exam objectives should always be the first resource that anyone studying for a certification exam should review.

Download themes in PDF format CyberOps Dumps. Cross over or highlight material you know or don’t know, make notes in the margins, basically do whatever you want to give yourself a clear picture or roadmap of how you’re going to attempt this test and in what order you’re going to study the content. Sometimes Cisco’s curriculum doesn’t always teach content in the appropriate order for new students.

Understanding Cisco Cybersecurity Operations Fundamentals (210–250) Exam Blueprint (Free)

The CyberOps certification was unique to me because as of this writing there is very little training available for the new CBROPS 200-201 Exam Dumps outside of Cisco’s $800 course. Since the exam only cost $300, I decided to stick with a significant portion of the old CCNA CyberOps (SECFND 210-250 and SECOPS 210-255) curriculum, which closely aligns with the new goals. Cisco tends to rearrange and restructure the exam material with each routine update, rather than omitting or adding significant parts of the exam.

This spreadsheet by Joe Abraham was instrumental in finding similar content between the old and new tests, as well as independent sources for new content (such as threat, SOC metrics, threat detection, and threat intelligence), and allowed me to avoid outdated content. materials (such as VERIS, CSIRT models and compliance frameworks). I highly recommend using this chart until new cheaper CBROPS 200-201 material is released from a third party if you are willing to put in a little extra effort.

Good luck with your studies!

The Cisco Certified CyberOps Associate certification is definitely unique to Cisco. This exam was a lot of fun to study for and I’m definitely more confident in dealing with incidents Exam Dumps. In the future, I may choose the upcoming (as of now) Cisco Certified CyberOps Professional! In the meantime, good luck with your Associate certification and don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions.

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